Simplicio classical guitar

Francisco Simplicio, the sole pupil and successor of Enrique Garcia, was known not only for the beautiful tone of his instruments, but also for his exquisite workmanship and use of extravagant ornamentation.
In 1929 he exhibited some of his guitars at the International Exhibition in Barcelona, winning a gold medal.
He trained his nephew Miguel Simplicio and he continued the shop. Miguel Simplicio built guitars in the style and tradition of his uncle and became himself a famous luthier.
The famous ‘sound’ of Simplicio is unique among the great makers of the twentieth century – it has a very “old-world” charm, and players of these guitars often remark how they are transported psychologically to another world when playing a Simplicio.
The sound of this Simplicio is particularly magnificent – great depth to every note up the entire register with a big bottom-end and lyrical trebles.