Ricardo Sanchis Nacher ~1950 “Augustin Barrios”


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This guitar is a rare find … it was built by Ricardo Sanchis Nacher (1881-1960) and is historically very interesting as it is the same type of guitar Agustin Barrios bought from Ricardo Sanchis Nacher.

Ricardo Sanchis Nacher is the founder of Sanchis guitars and the grandfather of Ricardo Sanchis Carpio.
The shop of Ricardo Sanchis in Valencia was founded by Ricardo Sanchis Nacher in 1915. He has worked for guitar makers in Valencia for sometime, went to Madrid where he was befriended by Manuel Ramirez and Domingo Esteso. To perfect his craft, he remained in Madrid working for Domingo Esteso (the founder of todays Hermanos Conde guitars) for three years.
As a result, the Sanchis family has had close relationships with Esteso, and with his heirs, the Hermanos Conde, ever since.

The guitar was built around 1950. It has a spruce top and the back and sides are made of pearwood. The scale length is 650 mm and the nut width 50 mm. It has quite a junky neck profile.

It is a pleasantly light guitar, finely built with a nicely decorated rosette, a straigt forward design and a smooth and fluid headstock shape.
The sound of this instrument is captivating with its warm and characterful tone – the trebles sound clear and brilliant. The basses are powerful and sound dark and warm.
The guitar unfolds an enormous volume and inspires with an incredible lightness.
It has a high collector’s value and is wonderfully suitable for performances or recordings. It belongs to the top class of instruments we have seen.

The guitar is comfortable for both hands adjusted with a low action. It has a straight neck and good frets.
The condition is very nice too … the guitar has been restored.


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