Paco de Lucia, Antonio de Torres + Oswaldo Guayasamim

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Interesting guitar with a signature of Paco de Lucia and a dedication to the famous painter Oswaldo Guayasamim.
It has beautiful decorations on the back and is built in the style of an Antonio de Torres guitar from 1852.

We offer here a special and mysterious guitar. We cannot say much about the origin or the builder of the original guitar. It is certainly a romantic guitar that is around 100 years old.
More interesting anyway is the work of art that was made from this guitar.
It was first remodeled to look similar to a guitar made by Antonio de Torres in 1852. The large rosette and the unusual bridge were added to the guitar.
Paco de Lucia had a friendship with the famous artist Oswaldo Guayasamim. This artist portrayed him and in the Guayasamim Museum there is a guitar similar to this one, with decorations on the back.
In the style of this guitar in the museum, our guitar was also made. Beautiful decorations were artistically engraved on the bottom.
In addition, the guitar has a label from 1994 with a signature of Paco de Lucia and the text:

“For the master of colors and creatures: Guayasamim”.

With these exceptional features, this guitar is special and a unique opportunity for the collector and enthusiast.
Unfortunately, we do not know more information about the origin and history of the guitar.

The guitar is in playable condition and has a scale length of 620 mm and a nut width of 45 mm. Back and sides are made of maple. The top is made of spruce.


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