Miguel Garcia Cabezas 2000


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Miguel Garcia Cabezas fine handmade guitar – with very huge sound and unique building style!

Sometime we find guitars that amaze us. This guitar has such a unique approach in design, that we were fascinated. When we finally heard its sound we were totally stunned.

Miguel Garcia Cabezas is a luthier based in Burgos (Spain). He has been building classical and flamenco guitars for around 30 years now with a unique construction style. While firmly based on the Spanish tradition of guitar construction, he soon started to experiment with different materials and imaginative ways to solve problems.
This led him to use carbon fiber on some models, zero fret, electric guitar tuners, non standard neck shapes or head plates …

Miguel Garcia Cabezas is building amazing instruments and we are proud to have this one in our shop.

This guitar was built in 2000. It has a cedar top and rosewood back and sides. The scale length is 664 mm and the nut width 52 mm. It has this unique headstock wich will instantly catch your intention.

It has a strong and authoritative voice with exceptional balance between the singing highs and the deep lows. Huge dynamic range and just perfect playability.
The tone is thick yet clear and has an essential warm, mysterious and moody quality. The sound comes with controlled and balanced layers of overtones stacked on the crystal-clear fundamental. It has an almost cathedral-like presence, which gives it plenty of power for any concert hall.
This guitar easily rivals those costing 2-3 times as much.

This guitar has been played a lot and you can see the wear of play and use all around. Sometimes we get that impression, that the good sounding guitars all look like that.

It comes with the original case.


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