Martin 2 1/2 – 17 ~1870 “Mark Twain”

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We offer a real rarity! A Martin 2 1/2 – 17 which is incredibly old, from the early days of the company. The same model has been played by Mark Twain!

C.F. Martin & Co has been established in 1833, by Christian Frederick Martin. He imigrated to the US from Germany and built guitars in the style of Johann Georg Stauffer (his teacher). Over the years Martin became highly respected for its acoustic guitars and is todays leading manufacturer of flat top guitars.

This nice Martin guitar is from round 1870. It is a Martin 2 1/2 – 17 model, exactly the same model that Mark Twain once played and possesed – See picture!

For the top of this guitar a nice piece of spruce with a very straight grain was used. The back and sides are of high quality and very nice Brazilian rosewood.
This Martin sounds really great. An incomparable sound you won’t find on today’s guitars. This is the right choice for all who are looking for a special sound experience.
As everyone can imagine, the approximately 150 years of natural aging of that guitar are noticeable. This small guitar has an impressively beautiful tone quality that is both powerful and warm.

This Martin 2 1/2 – 17 is in very good condition for its age. It has certainly experienced many stories, but has survived surprisingly well all these years. Inside and outside there are some stamps which guarantee the authenticity of this instrument.

The neck is straight, the frets are in good condition and the action is low.

It comes with a very cool handmade wooden case, which is from around 1950.


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