C.F. Martin & co – the amazing story of the most famous steelstring guitar of the world!

Did you know that the most famous American guitar was invented from the German Christian F. Martin who came to the US?
Christian Frederick Martin, born in Markneukirchen (Saxony / Germany), is a producer of the best known American Guitar – Martin Guitars.
Christian Martin began his aprenticeship at the beginning in his fathers shop, and then moved to Vienna, where he was working for Johann Stauffer. By complaints of the violin luthiers guild about all guitar builders to the Saxon King, C.F.Martin was forced to emigrate to America. In 1833 he opened his first guitar business in New York.
In 1838 he moved to Nazareth, Pennsylvania, where his focus was in the production of high-quality guitars.
Martin guitars have been delivering high quality products for over 175 years. Musicians from all over the world, whether classical, country, blues, folk or acoustic rock, played with a Martin.
The list of well-known martin players is long. Paul Mccartney, Eric Clapton and Elvis Presley are just some of them.
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