Juan Estruch 1a 1975

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Rarity – a Juan Estruch 1a “Yellow label” from the best time.
Juan Estruch is one of the venerable luthiers in Spain. Well known among the musicians are the guitars like this one from the “yellow label” period. They have a deep and rich sound and are appreciated by musicians and collectors alike.
They are also known through Chet Atkins. When asked shortly before his death which of his hundreds of guitars he most preferred, he unhesitatingly chose his 1964 Juan Estruch. In fact, this was the guitar that Atkins played daily and on which he made many of his “basement recordings” that were found after his death.
Like the Atkins guitar, this guitar is a “yellow label” model. Simple, but beautiful rosette inlays. Rosewood back and sides and a cedar top, that are the characteristics of the guitar, which otherwise corresponds to the dimensions of a normal concert guitar.
The sound, on the other hand, stands out clearly from the “usual”. Here you get a real master instrument with a powerful room-filling sound. The guitar is very detailed and balanced. Through and through a sound to fall in love.
The guitar is in a good condition for its age – it has some play wear.
The top is of spruce and back and sides of mahogany. The scale length is 650 mm and the nut width 52 mm. It plays very comfortable with a straight neck and a low action at the 12th fret (E6 3.2 mm and E1 2.8 mm).