Hermann Hauser I Vienna model 1928

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Hermann Hauser sr. Vienna Model classical guitar from the year 1928 in excellent condition. The tone of this instrument is impressive. The guitar features a German Spruce top and flamed Maple Back and Sides and dark ebony fingerboard. Scale length is 630 mm, and width at the nut measures 48 mm. The original French polish is in Excellent condition with little wear. The guitar is equipped with its original and considered very exquisite Landstorfer 3 on a plate tuners, which work and look very well on this guitar.
The guitar has 2 small and professional repaired cracks. Very tight and stable. The pencil note of the year has faded away, but the guitar can be dated to 1928.

Background: The German luthier Hermann Hauser I (or Sr.) (1882-1952) is best remembered for the remarkable instruments he built in the Spanish tradition after 1924. In that year, both Andres Segovia and Miguel Llobet visited Hauser in Munich and Segovia encouraged Hauser to copy his 1912 Manuel Ramirez guitar (an instrument generally believed to have been built by Santos Hernandez while he was foreman of the Ramirez shop). He examined and made measurements of this instrument. As Llobet owned an 1859 Antonio de Torres, Hauser also had opportunity to examine it as well. Although Hauser began building in the Spanish tradition in 1925, he had been building guitars, lutes, and other related stringed instruments in the German tradition since 1900. While it is generally thought that Hauser made perhaps 250 guitars in the Spanish tradition between 1925-1952, he made no more than aprox. 250 in Vienna tradition. He Continued building Vienna models for their tonal Quality was asked for, also after 1935. This guitar was made one years after Hauser and Segovia meet and maybe considered a Rare Gem.

Hauser made guitar models included the Vienna, the Munich, the Terz, Prim and Quintbass. Hauser introduced many innovations in top and body construction, and his guitars are prized today for their clear, loud and rich sound and great sustain. Andres Segovia among many other great Great Maestros have played guitars made by Herman Hauser 1. Hauser’s son, Hermann Hauser II (1911-1988) and grandson, Hermann Hauser III (born in 1958) have continued the master luthier’s tradition.


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