Gibson J-45 1946

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Gibson J-45 1946 – this guitar has a great sunburst finish and sounds like a cannon!

In the time after the second world war Gibson produced guitars on a very high level. Handcrafted with the best materials and in small numbers – in expert and collector’s circles these guitars are much sought after and deserved to be so.

This Gibson J-45 has a mahogany top, with mahogany for back, sides and neck.
The finish of this model is a dark sunburst, which was the most famous Gibson finish at that time. It has the inlays and decorations typical for this model.

This Gibson J-45 1946 sounds great – There really is nothing quite like that vintage Gibson tone and this is a prime representation of what all the commotion is about. Strong, woody basses and crisp, cutting trebles combine with bold, bawdy mids for that quintessential Gibson sound.
The guitar is a lightweight and has this bouncy reponse. The woods vibrate incredibly good and give this beautiful guitar a very charming woody sound.

This guitar is a player and has been professionally restored. It has some old crack repairs and the sides have quite some repairs and a refinish – otherwise all finish is original. The tuners are vintage style replacements.
It has received a neck reset and the action is pleasantly low. It plays incredibly well and it is a lot of fun to play this guitar!

The serial number has faded, as it is the case with many of these old Gibsons. Acording to the information of the previous owner and the specs of the guitar, it is from 1946.

It comes with a newer Gibson case.


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