Gibson J-200 1956 “Phil Everly”


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A rare beauty – this Gibson J-200 1956 has been played by Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers during some of their tours. Many pictures and original accessories are included. The guitar was signed by Phil Every and is therefore a rarity and an absolute must for all Everly fans!

The J-200 model was made famous by many top artists including Elvis Presley and Emmy Lou Harris!
From its inaugural appearance in 1937, Gibson set a standard with this guitar, others have been trying to match ever since. These Gibsons are legendary and often called “King of the Flat-tops”.

This is a very nice sounding J-200 from Gibsons best time … it has this big and bold sound that seems to have no limits. It’s a real treat to play this guitar.
Big and balanced voice with a surprising amount of brightness for such a large guitar. The body’s size and air volume gives back much of the bass that the maple back and sides would otherwise limit, and there’s a really fun compression in the guitar’s response. It’s amazing how full-sounding a light attack sounds on this J-200. Fingerstyle players have long understood the unique tone the model affords, and there’s a long line of fingerstyle blues players who swear by a J-200.

This example is in wonderful condition and all original – it has a professionall old refinish and a few tiny repairs.
But it is in exact the condition Phil Everly has played it.

It comes with the original Gibson case and all the extra material shown in the pictures.

This guitar has all the magic you have ever dreamed of!