Benito Ferrer (1845-1925) is considered the father of the Granada school of guitarmaking, represented today by Manuel de la Chica, Antonio Marin and many others. Building in the Torres style, Ferrer’s guitars have appeared on the market, according to luthier Richard Bruné, with authentic Torres labels and ill intentions. This is actually a testament to the quality of sound of Ferrer’s best instruments, made in a very traditional manner.
This guitar is a well preserved instrument, but of course with repairs and restoration work done on it during the years.
A similar Ferrer guitar was given to the young Andres Segovia, who used it from 1904 until the iconic 1912 Manuel Ramirez guitar (made by Santos Hernandez in the Ramirez shop) was gifted to him by Ramirez in 1913.
It was also a Ferrer guitar from 1906 that was used by Manuel De Falla while composing his beautiful Homenaje for solo guitar.
This 1917 Ferrer has a scale of 652 and a nut width of 50 mm. It has a surprising power and the deep, resonate sound one expects from a Torres-inspired 101-year-old guitar.
The sound has a wonderful range of timbre that has unfolded wonderfully over time due to the matured woods.