Armin Hanika 1aRF “Torres”


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Armin Hanika 1a RF “Torres” – master guitar for highest demands and with outstanding sound characteristics!

Reinhard Mey fans beware – this guitar is almost identical to the Reinhard Mey stage guitar (see last picture)

HANIKA understands craftsmanship as custom work and sound as art. A guitar from the well-known manufacture in Baiersdorf is a symbol of quality and craftsmanship tradition. Combined with forward-looking innovations, it has been the basis of the company’s success story since 1953. Master luthier Armin Hanika took over the company from his father in 1993 and has been building classic guitars of outstanding quality ever since.

The 1a models are Armin Hanika’s most beautiful and sophisticated models. Back and sides of this 1a Torres are made of handpicked very best Mexican Ziricote wood, with a top made of finest special spruce wood. The cedro neck is reinforced in the core with ultra-dense and extra vibrating snakewood sticks. The asymmetrically weighted domed spruce top ensures optimization of efficiency.

The 1A Torres has excellent dynamics, an exceptionally substantial tone, as well as sharpness of separation and good response. This classical guitar meets the highest demands in terms of material, workmanship and sound. The pierced rosewood-maple-ziricote head and noble tuners from the specialist Klaus Scheller underline the high quality standards of the 1A Torres.

Visually, this classical guitar impresses with a body finish of UV-curing high-gloss lacquer as well as a top finish in the most elaborate shellac hand polish and the symmetrically manufactured ziricote headstock in sapwood finish.

The guitar comes with a very high quality guitar case.


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