Vienna style Harp Guitar ~1900


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Unique harp guitar from Vienna ~1900 – rare, high quality and unique sound!

Some pieces of music in the 19th century (e.g. by Mertz or Sor) were composed in such a way that the guitarists needed extra bass strings.
So guitar makers thought about how to attach such strings to a guitar.
One or two extra strings can often be seen on the side of the headstock on French Romantic guitars.

For multi-stringed guitars, however, instruments such as the harp guitar, the Viennese Schrammel guitar or the Harpolyre were soon designed.
Different guitar makers had very creative approaches and so there are a lot of interesting guitars left to us from that time.

This very nice 12-string guitar dates from around 1900 and was probably built in the Vienna area. The builder is unfortunately unknown.
On this guitar you can see elements of a harp guitar, such as the finely crafted pole as a support for the bass strings, as well as the typical features of the Schrammel guitar (2 connected head plates).
The body of the guitar is made of rosewood and the top is made of fine spruce.

The guitar has a very impressive resonance. The body produces a beautiful and dynamic sound. The combination of beautiful rosewood and fine spruce on this guitar is pure magic. Rosewood adds clarity to the sound and separates the notes well, while the spruce top provides the tonal flexibility and magic that only an old, masterfully built romantic guitar can create.
The guitar has a very fast response and can be surprisingly loud. At the same time, it preserves a wide range of beautiful timbres in all registers.

The guitar has been restored and is ready to play. It would be a wonderful instrument for a professional guitarist.


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