Vicente Arias 1898 Bandurria


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Vicente Arias 1898 bandurria – a great instrument, beautifully built with excellent sound.

Vicente Arias (1833-1914) is, along with Antonio de Torres, one of the pioneers of the Spanish guitar making. His work is undeniably central in the development of the guitar throughout the 19th and 20th century. The refinement of marquetry on his guitars, the diversity, and modernity of their construction, as well as their incredible tone quality, incontestably introduce this guitar-maker as one of the most significant in Spanish guitar history.

Vicente Arias was born in Ciudad Real, in the south of Madrid. Such as Antonio de Torres, he started as a cabinet maker and was self-taught as a guitar maker. He probably started building guitars in 1860 and won many prestigious prizes around the world i.e. Buenos Aires, Madrid, Brussels, and Barcelona. Famous guitarists such as Francisco Tárrega and several of his students played on his guitars.

This bandurria is from 1898 and is a very fine instrument. It is in good condition with only a few professional repairs. It has a spruce top and beautiful rosewood back and sides.

The richness of sound of this bandurria is definitely on the same level as Arias’ outstanding guitars. It has developed a characterful vintage sound over the years – sweet and warm but also very powerful.
This very poetic instrument is truly unique. The clear and charming trebles have a wonderful timbre and the deep, dark basses have a very mysterious aura.