Recording King Jumbo 1939

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Ohh man, what a beast … this Recording King Jumbo 1939, in Gibson J-200 style, is a killer guitar … the true king of flattop guitars!

Recording King started as a house brand for Montgomery Ward in the 1930s. They worked closely with Gibson and Recording King guitars not only look like Gibson guitars, but were also partly made in the Gibson factory.

This guitar sounds how you always want these to sound and sometimes never do: high volume, big bottom end, with beautiful clarity (NOT THIN). It has a low action and plays like a dream. Very comfortable & easy playing medium C profile neck. The legendary guitarist John Fahey played a similar 1939 Recording King Jumbo model.

It is in original condition, except the finish of the top, which has light overspray . The tuners and the bridge have been replaced. The guitar has some battle scars, but surprisingly only 2 repaired crack.
Our luthier has checked the guitar and it is ready to go!

This guitar has all the magic you have ever dreamed of … a true gem!