Otto Rauch “Manuel Ramirez”


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Otto Rauch is one of the best German luthiers. He builds guitars for Frank Bungarten and other professional guitar players. This little relatively plain guitar is a really a special one. During his vacation in Ibiza, Mr. Rauch was able to carefully examine and measure an old Manuel Ramirez guitar. After this example this guitar  was made. Rather simple in appearance but very big in sound. Only the best woods were used for the construction. The finest Dolomite spruce for the top and AAAAA Indian rosewood for the back and sides. A shellac hand polish and very nice Fusteros mechanics complete the simple but noble impression of this guitar.
This guitar is made entirely in Spanish style. Just fine!
Simple beauty paired with an outstanding sound!
The condition of the guitar is very good.
Top: Dolomites spruce
Back: Rosewood
Sides: Rosewood
Fingerboard: Ebony
Mechanics: Fusteros
Scale: 65 cm
Neck profile: comfortable C
Fretboard width: 5.2 cm at the nut
Body length: 49.1 cm
Lower bout width: 36.0 cm
Waist width: 23 cm
Upper bout width: 26.5 cm
body depth: 9.7 cm