Miguel Gonzalez Abad 1968

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Miguel Gonzalez Abad 1968 – great guitar by the successor of Antonio de Torres.

This guitar was built by Miguel Gonzalez Abad who is the father and teacher of Juan Miguel Gonzalez. Their shop is in Almeria, which could be considered the “cradle” of modern Spanish guitar making, beginning of course with Antonio de Torres.
The lineage continued with the Moya brothers (who apprenticed under Torres), then to the builder of this guitar – Miguel Gonzalez Abad (1906-1989) and then to Juan Miguel Gonzalez and Gerundino Fernández, leaving a deep tradition of guitar making in this very important Andalucian city. Miguel “El Cojo” Gonzalez Abad (“El Cojo” being a nickname he received after being injured in a traffic accident) was initially trained as a cabinet maker but after apprenticing with the Moya brothers, built his first guitar at only 17 years of age and went on to become an excellent builder of guitars and bandurrias. He remained active until he was 83 years old when he died on June 19, 1989. 

This guitar has a 648 mm scale and 50 mm nut width. The set up is great: low, fast, without buzz.
The guitar has a great sound and is responsive in all registers. It is a pleasantly light guitar and has a wonderful vintage sound, the playability is incredibly comfortable and the guitar responds to the finest touch.
It has a lyrical, singing quality to the sound and the bases are thick and well present. It can be very loud with a piercing volume and still it retains a charming tone.
It is a truly graceful instrument with a fascinating sound.

It was unfortunately in a bad condition and has been treated roughly. There are some repairs and somebody tryed to put green finish on it. This has been removed. The guitar is not the prettiest out there, but we checked that everthing is stable and ready to go.

We have priced this guitar well below the regular market price. This reflects the visual condition of the guitar and gives the buyer the opportunity to purchase a historically valuable guitar at a bargain price.


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