Martin 5-18 1941 “pre war”


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1941 Martin 5-18 3/4 sized and scaled ‘Terz’ guitar. It’s a very small guitar, but ‘full grown’ in terms that’s it’s not a ‘travel guitar’ or ‘kids guitar’ although it would suit both purposes.
Many familiar with Martin guitars try to find a nice vintage example and I seriously think most great players brought up with Martin guitars, have one in their collection, among them Neil Young and of course Marty Robbins is famous for it. These 5-18 are quite rare and it’s not often they are offered up for sale.
This guitar is designed as a Terz guitar with the intention of tuning 1 1/2 step up to G-tuning.
This all original 1941 guitar is in good condition with only the play-wear you see on the pictures, but it’s totally crack-free and there is no misuse, comes with excellent action and playability, and is structurally very sound and beside a newer bridge and and newer tuning nobs all original.
The sound is simply awesome, unmatched with anything that comes to mind, but if you want to compare, it’s somewhere between a Mandolin and 0 size model, amazing fullness and projection for such a small guitar!