Martin 00-18 1941 “pre war”


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Martin 00-18 1941 “Pre War” – what a cannon. The sound of this guitar blows you away.

A pre war Martin is the so called holy grail among the flat top guitars. They are rare, fantastic sounding and highly colectable.

This guitar is a one family instrument that has never been circulated. The original owner was a musician and guitar shop owner. For his personal collection he gathered some unique, valuable and good sounding guitars. And obviously this old Martin was his guitar to go, because he played it a lot.

The sound is everything you’d expect from a Grand Concert size Martin. A great example with scalloped bracing. This Martin 00-18 1941 delivers an openness, projection, and rich tone that only comes from an instrument that’s been lovingly played for round 80 years.
The midrange frequencies are smooth and present, the top end is incredibly articulate, and the dynamic range is astounding. The tonal response is ideal for fingerpicked chords, which come through with a piano-like clarity. The mahogany back and sides provide their expected warmth, and the overall tonal profile is vibrant and clear, with bass frequencies that are balanced and restrained to really let the treble strings shine.
The scalloped braces and solid Adirondack spruce top definitely factor heavily into the qualities of the tone, and the guitar has ample volume and a particularly broad dynamic response.

It is professionally setup and strung with fresh 12-53 strings. The neck is straight and it plays very easy, with a low action.

Once the guitars has had a repair on the right lower side. It has been very professionally done, with a patch on the side and the top. The finish has been lightly oversprayed to conserve the original finish. Pickguard is a newer one.
When the neck was reset, the guitar has been refreted as well and has received a new custom made bridge. The tuners have been changed as well.

The guitar comes with an old case which is probably the original one.


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