Martin 0-18 1930

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One of the holy grails of vintage guitars: a Martin 0-18 from 1930 . Freshly restored to peak playing condition, this 0-18 has the voice of a well-seasoned angel over 90 years in the making, but the hot-off-the-presses playability of a new instrument!
Weighing almost nothing, this OM-18 has an immense voice and an explosive sound. The bass is dry and pronounced and the treble strings crackle with energy.

It is a real opportunity for us to present this unique guitar and this one is particularly is a successful crowd pleaser: everyone who lays hands on it has been blown away by the huge, clean tone.
It practically plays itself with an impressive responsive and energetic fundamental.

This guitar has been restored very professionally. It is rocksolid and plays like butter, with a nice feeling neck, low action and good frets.
During the restoration process some cracks has been repaired. The finish has been left original.
The bridge has been replaced and it has received a neck reset.

It comes with the original case.

This is your chance to own a vintage flat top that none of your friends have. A spectacular guitar with a sound to die for.


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