Martin 0-18 1927 “pre war”

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Here we offer a Martin 0 – 18 from 1927. An absolute top instrument and a rare specimen of the coveted “Pre War” instruments by Martin.
The Martin “Pre War” guitars, from the time before the 2nd World War, are very popular among collectors.
With these guitars the best materials, a sound-optimized construction and careful handwork come together to form unique dream instruments. The number of guitars built by Martin was very small at that time, so that very few “Pre War” Martins are sold today.
The top made of German spruce with its complex harmonics and the extra portion of clarity was only used for a limited number of instruments and only for these old instruments. The back and sides are made of high quality mahogany.
This 0 – 18 really sounds very, very, very good. It is really mature and perfectly balanced, with present mids, crystal clear highs and booming basses (amazing what comes out of this small body).
The small 0 – body additionally gives the tone a round nuance and a great projection.
The guitar is in good condition for age. As you can see, it has been played a lot and there are many traces of play and use.
Furthermore there are several repairs (made stable). There was also a light overspray to protect the original paint.
The guitar plays fantastically. The neck is straight (Neckreset was made), the frets are in good shape (new fretting was done) and the string position is flat.
It comes with a matching case which is not original.