Marcelino Lopez Nieto Flamenca Blanca 1a signed 1962


Great flamenco guitar from one of the best luthier of the world!!!!!

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Born in 1931, Marcelino López Nieto was a cabinet maker before becoming a guitar maker. He was drawn into making guitars, because he was studying with Daniel Fortea, and wanted a fine guitar, but could not afford one. Although, he confesses that as a luthier he is largely self-taught, he worked for a time carving head stocks for Hernandez y Aguado, and he informally learned much the theory of his craft from the widow of Santos Hernandez, and from his nephew Feliciano Bayon in whose workshop he hung out regularly as did many of the leading musicians of the time.
He established his own workshop in Madrid in 1949. Marcelino is a complete luthier, and makes not only fine classical and flamenco guitars, but historic guitars and ancient instruments. He is also one of only five living Spanish makers included on Summerfield’s list of the finest guitar makers since 1800.

This is a beautiful sounding guitar, which is in a very good restored condition, with only small repairs!