Manuel de la Chica 1965


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This flamenco guitar is made by Maestro Manuel de la Chica, regarded as the most important guitar maker of Granada. The style and sound quality of his guitars has been often compared to Maestro Marcelo Barbero’s guitars, as they worked together on some guitars Santos Hernández left unfinished when passing away.

His guitars are recognized and praised by collectors, guitar makers and guitarists all around the world.

The woods of this guitar are extraordinarily good. The german spruce top has got a straight and even grain. The back and sides, made of cypress, are of the highest possible quality in the market, both for its beauty and sound qualities.

The sound coming out of this piece of work is something worth listening to: powerful and deep basses, the harmonics that it produces are truly magic. It has that particular timbre, so characteristic, distinguishing. It produces a very particular kind of sound, as it has got its own character.

The guitar is comfortable for both hands adjusted with a low action. It has a straight neck and new frets. The condition is very nice too, with only 2 small repairs. The original frensh polish has been professionally refreshed.

It comes with the original case.