Lowden F-32C

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An amazing Lowden F-32C handmade in George Lowdens shop – with a full, clear and deep sound, which will suprise you.

George Lowden is one of the best guitar builders for steelstring guitars. His guitars are famous all over the world. They are entirely handmade in his shop. The waiting list for a new Lowden is very long – this is a good opportunity to grab aone of his masterpieces.

The ‘F’ model is George’s most famous Lowden body design. It produces a balanced and clear tone. The combination on this Lowden F-32 of spruce and rosewood is pure magic. Spruce gives this guitar this mystic Irish touch and adds beautiful timbres to the tone. Rosewood gives the brilliance and depth you need.

The tone on this guitar has been develloped very nicely and without any hesitation we can say it is a dream guitar. The nice F-bodyshape makes the sound round and pleasant.

This Lowden F-32C is perfectly adjusted and plays like a dream. The condition of the entire guitar is good with just some small amount of wear from use and play.

It has a high quality K&K mini pickup fitted. This pickup amplyfies the acoustic tone incredibly good.

It comes with the original guitar case.


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