We offer a José Ramirez from 1953 for sale. This guitar is from the time when José Ramirez II was already very old and the world famous shop in the Concepción Jerónima 2 was already managed by Ramirez III. During this time, the world’s best luthiers (Paulino Bernabé, Manuel Contreras …) worked there and produced guitars of the highest quality all in the style of Torres. This guitar is an excellent example for this special time of guitar history.
The guitar is a masterpiece! It has a wonderful spruce top and beautiful cypress back and sides. It is a guitar with a large body and full scale (650 mm), just as we know it from today’s guitars.
It has this huge vintage sound – deep basses with a mild Vintage touch. A sound that you only get when a high quality guitar naturally matures.
The sound is very charming and seductive – you will love it. The guitar is feather-light and you can feel the vibration of every individual notes very clearly.
It plays very well and is set up perfectly. It has been restored and checked. The neck is straight and the action is wonderfully low (2.7 mm at the 12. fret). The nut width is 51 mm.