Jose Alberto Pantoja Martin 2002


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Matergrade guitar built by the guitar master Alberto Pantoja. Alberto is an autodidact of undoubted qualities building instruments, although he also learnt things watching other great masters work and learnt all about the different woods used for the construction of an instrument. In 2013 he stopped building guitars, and now his son and grandson follow the family passion and tradition. He has been praised by great masters for his guitars.
The selection of woods used for this instrument is: german pine spruce of exceptional sound and high quality grain, and indian rosewood of stunning beauty and features for the body (sides and back), its finishes truly beautiful and considered unique pieces.
Thanks to the perfect selection of woods Alberto Pantoja used on this instrument, its sound is extraordinary, offering exquisite power and depth on the bass strings, together with crystalline and clean trebles, as well as enviable balance and projection. The guitar offers perfect comfort on both of the guitarist’s hands.
The pulsation of this guitar is of medium tension with the strings at perfect height for performance. It has a 658 mm scale length and the nut width is 52 mm.
The guitar is in an excellent condition, completely original and without any kind of repairs.