Hermanos Vera 1969


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Nice sounding classical guitar by Hermanos Vera.

Fernando & Cesar Vera were master guitar makers in Madrid during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Madrid at that time was a major guitar-making center producing some wonderful instruments from small workshops, and the Vera brothers were highly regard among the Madrid builders. Their guitars are similar to those by Marcelino Lopez Nieto in attention to detail and acoustic properties. They have a shorter scale than the Ramirez guitars of that era.

There is a 6 page biography with photos of the luthiers at their workbench in the hardcover book: “Guitarreros de Madrid. Artesanos de la prima y el bordón”. by Luis F. Leal Pinar, published in 2008

The guitar has a spruce top with mahogany back & sides, ebony fingerboard and mahogany neck. The scale lengths is 650mm and the nut width 52mm. The guitar has a traditonal “Torres style” fan-braced top.

The sound is outstanding. The basses have a very special depth and the trebles are very clear.
It has an absolutely charming classical sound and the sound has a very nice vintage timbre.
Rare to come across a guitar with mahogany back and sides. We have made the experience that these guitars have something magical to the sound and therefore they are a very good addition to any collection.

The condition is very good and all original. The guitar is very well preserved without any cracks, breaks and repairs.


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