Hermann Hauser I ~1900 Münchner Modell


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Here is a very rare and excellent guitar with high collector value. A guitar built by Hermann Hauser I around 1900 in the Braun & Hauser workshop.
Hermann Hauser I, son of Josef Hauser, occupies an excellent position worldwide as a German guitar maker. He learned the craft of making musical instruments in his father’s workshop. Herrmann Hauser I took over his father’s instrument workshop, while Josef Hauser continued to manage the music publishing house. Hermann Hauser I specialized in lute and guitar making, but also remained faithful to zither making. Within the framework of the guitaristic movement in Bavaria, Hermann Hauser I built a large number of different guitars; in particular the Viennese models and the Munich models in perfection and all designs. The third-, prim- and the very rare quintbass guitars of Hermann Hauser I are of highest quality. The sound of these instruments is still unsurpassed today. On the basis of his special craftsmanship, Hermann Hauser I developed technical, patented innovations in the field of top constructions as well as neck-body connections.
Like Antonio De Torres, Hermann Hauser I has influenced many guitar makers of the 20th century. It goes without saying that his guitars were and are played by many virtuosos and world stars.
Why Hauser and Braun?
Around 1900 Josef Hauser (the father of Hermann Hauser I) lost his arm in a tram accident and had to sell his workshop to Mr. Steigenberger. Josef sold Hermann with the shop. The purchase contract stipulated that Hermann would work for the new workshop for 5 or 6 years. Mr. Steigenberger had also bought a workshop from Mr. Braun, and so the new workshop was called Braun und Hauser. Hermann was the centre of attention and became foreman of the Braun und Hauser business.
The guitar is the Munich model made famous by Hauser, which differs from the Viennese models in some design features.
It is in a good condition for old age, is easy to play on and sounds very nice. It has a strong and long-lasting sound – wonderfully soft and melodic. In addition, it has a definitely seductive sound character with unique timbres.
The guitar has been restored and now presents itself in a playful and optically good condition.
The neck is just the string position flat (E6 3.5 mm and E1 3.2 mm). The saddle width is 45 mm and the scale 612 mm.
The top is made of German spruce, back and sides of maple.