Guild JF-30-12 1992

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Guild JF-30-12 1992 – a 12 string acoustic guitar with huge sound and amazing projection!

This guitar, built in the Westerly location in 1992, is in excellent condition with only some light amount of wear from play and use. The neck is straight with no issues and this guitar has been very well maintained and cared for.
The pictures show the wonderful flame maple neck, back and sides. It is spectacular! Yes, the back is laminate maple, but don’t be confused — It is in a different league from other laminate-backed guitars. The back is one piece, arched, and most importantly, braceless. Other brands boast of “scalloped bracing” to reduce the dampening effect of the structural bracing. Guild’s archbacks do away with the bracing altogether! The sound is huge!

The guitar sounds as good as it looks, and you’d be hard pressed to find a prettier example. Guild guitars are extremly famous for the 12-strings and playing this one, we know exactly why.