Gibson Lg-1 1955


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This 1955 Gibson LG1 is an absolute beauty – it’s difficult not to talk about the look of this guitar before mentioning the sound.
It has that wonderful tobacco sunburst that Gibson did so well in the 50’s, with a nice tortoiseshell pickguard, the sunburst is still deep, and the amber center has a real glow to it – very eye catching.

The guitar’s in good condition, just the right amount of playwear so you know it been played enough for the tone to mature over the last 66 years, but clean enough to tell you it’s been well looked after.
There are 2 filled holes on the top where some pickup system has been installed and removed later on.

Tonally, it has a rich sound, lending itself to bluesy fingerpicking, although it’s very versatile, handling strumming very well, and has plenty of bite when soloing. The neck feels great, quite chunky, and the action is comfortable.

The guitar comes in a non original hard case.