Gibson Les Paul 1971 Standard 58/54 Reissue – gold top


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This rare guitar is one of Gibson’s early attempts to imitate the famous Les Paul guitars of the 50s. The Giatrre was originally called Les Paul Standard 58 Reissue. But it was actually a reissue of a Les Paul from 1954.
In our opinion it is comparable to the original 50’s Les Pauls! The next curiosity is that only a few of these models were produced: 25 in 1971 and 1046 in 1972 – the last of these models were produced in early 1973.
There is much to suggest that this guitar is one of the rare ones from 1971. Both the serial number and the pot numbers indicate this.
Gibson did everything right with this model: chunky 1-piece neck, 1-piece mahogany body with thin binding in cutaway, small 50s style headjoint, light aluminium tailpiece.
This guitar is surely already an absolute rarity for collectors – price increase guaranteed.
The condition is fantastic – minimal traces of use – the guitar was rarely played and very well maintained. The neck is straight, the action can be adjusted low and the frets are original.
It is also in its original condition. In our opinion only the tailpiece was replaced and the guitar was given a newer original Gibson case.
You feel like you are in a different time. It’s the sound of the good old Gibsons – the time where they did good craftsmanship and finely tuned the guitars.
Technical details
1-piece mahogany body with carved maple top,
1-piece mahogany neck with small head,
Bound rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets,
2x Gibson P-90 PU´s,
6x orig. Kluson “Doubling/Doubleline” Tuner,
Nickle hardware,
Lightweight aluminium wrap-over bridge,
Including Gibson Les Paul case with pink lining (90’s)