Gibson L-3 1920

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Gibson’s L-3 was offered through the early 20’s century up until sometime in the early 1930’s, and was the company’s most highly ornamented (and priced) small-body archtop.

This one dates to 1920 and is in nice shape and plays very well with a straight neck and low action.
It came to us without pickguard and with some holes on the sides filled, where previous pickupsystems were installed. The tuners have been replaced too.
All in all it is more a players than a collectors guitars.

This L3 has an old timey voice that’s darker than we’d expect. It’s fairly pure and fundamental without many overtones, and has excellent balance across the strings. It’s quite well suited for chordal arrangements and melodic single note playing through chord progressions and does it best under a controlled medium attack. A fun guitar to play in a small group setting, as its unique voice does well in breaking through a mix of larger-body guitars and rhythm instruments.

It comes with a non original hardshell case


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