Gibson L-1 1928 “Robert Johnson”

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First Gibson flattop guitar, Robert Johnson, Nick Lucas, blues- and bluesrock guitar … when it comes to the Gibson L-1, the superlatives come thick and fast.

Here we have a beautiful 1928 Gibson L-1.
In 1926 this guitar was presented for the first time as a “flattop guitar”, after it had caused a lot of enthusiasm among guitarists many years before as an archtop guitar. This guitar from 1928 corresponds exactly to the guitar Robert Johnson played.

Guitarists like Nick Lucas and Robert Johnson made music history with the L-1 and it was Gibson’s number one model at the time.

This L-1 sounds fantastic… woody, dry, bluesy. The mahogany back and sides give the guitar a magical tone. The beautiful spruce top produces the most beautiful timbres you can imagine.

The guitar is very playable with a low action and a straight neck.

It comes in the original guitar case.