Gibson L-00 1933

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Gibson L-00 from 1933 – a real cannon of a guitar. If you want a vintage flat top that none of your friends have – this is the one to buy.

It’s pretty hard to argue with an old L-00. They’re killer guitars. The good ones — like this one — have that classic Gibson “simplicity” to the sound. They’re woody, plainspoken, open-sounding, and are “hifi” in that you can hear every note you’re playing distinctly. They’re not cluttered with scooped mids, complicated overtones, or sweetened highs. These are cool straight forward guitars — they shoot back what you put into them, albeit through a “woody-old-Gibson” filter. There are good reasons for these instruments to be as popular and desired as they are.

This one is in pretty nice condition considering the age. Of course it has the signs of play and wear, several small crack repairs on the sides and the back. It has received a neck reset and plays incredibly easy with a low action, a straight neck and good frets.

The serial number is illegible, but it can be dated to 1933. The tiny sunburst is special for 1933 too and adds a lot of character and charm to this stunning guitar.

It comes with the original case.

This Gibson L-00 from 1933 is an extremely rare and historically significant guitar.


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