Gibson J-50 1948


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Gibson J-50 1948 – this guitar looks like Frankenstein himself and you think what will come out of such an old wreck … we actually felt the same way… and then you tune the guitar and you are absolutely surprised and fascinated – this guitar is surely the best we have seen on Gibson’s lately.

We have analyzed the guitar a little bit to explain the reason for this phenomenon. First of all, the guitar is feather light, the woods are so perfectly dried and matured that the guitar has an unbelievable resonance.
But it also has the best materials on it … Adirondack spruce for the top and high quality mahogany for back and sides.
But the real reason for the incredible sound is the fact that this guitar is a player with character and soul. Throughout the years this guitar has simply been played, loved and it always has been a faithful companion. When you play this guitar you understand why it has been repaired and brought back to life over the years … it was simply indispensable.

Questions like: How many cracks does the guitar have? … what has been repaired? etc. are probably the wrong ones!
Even we can’t quite get an overview of what has been done on this guitar … but one thing is for sure, it is super solid and plays like a new guitar. This is because it has been given a neck reset and a refret.
The whole structure of the guitar is stable and we have checked it all around – it is ready for the next stage and waiting for a new home.

A solid, not original case is included.

An interesting point is that Bob Dylan also played such a beat-up Gibson J-50 in his younger years.


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