Gibson J-45 1955


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What a sound …. this Gibson is simply stunningly beautiful in sound!!!! An original Gibson J-45 from 1955. Such a thing does not come every day.
This model series from Gibson has absolute cult character. During this time Gibson used guitars of very high quality using the highest quality materials. The top is made of the finest Adirondack spruce. Back and sides made of high quality mahogany.
Such an unbelievable vintage sound can only be achieved with an original and naturally aged vintage Gibson. Deep basses and a tone to fall in love with. The guitar has a great dynamic paired with a tonal mildness – quite different from the sharp tone of the newer guitars.
This guitar sounds indescribably great, so it’s hard to find the right words. But connoisseurs and insiders can probably imagine what is meant.
The guitar is light as a feather and the woods swing great and produce this unique sound.
The guitar is in good condition for its age. Largely original – except for the necessary neck reset and a new fretting (bridge inlay and saddle therefore also new), which was done in the last years. The impact protection was also renewed. At least the buttons of the mechanics are new.
The Neckreset was probably started unprofessionally, but then professionally finished. Traces of it can be seen around the neck, but do not affect the good overall picture.
Playing and traces of use are of course also present.
The neck is straight, frets in good shape, low string position, well functioning tuners – nothing to fear!