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This Gibson J-35 1937 is an extremely rare and historically significant guitar. These guitars were Gibson’s early dreadnought, 16 inch flat top. They created it to compete with Martin’s dreadnoughts.
The Gibson J-35 dreadnought body has upper bouts that were more rounded than Martin’s, giving rise to the distinguishing terms that are still used today: “round-shouldered” or “slope-shouldered” for Gibsons and “square-shouldered” for Martins.
Although the factory order number is faded on the neck block, the combination of the Grover-stamped tuners and the rounded neck heel indicates a 1937 manufacture date.
Like the Martins of that time, this J-35 features forward shifted X-braces, but added an additional transverse brace across the lower bout. Seen only in the earliest J-35s, this ‘three brace’ design is felt by many to be responsible for the uniquely resonant quality of this innovative model.

We have sold very rare Gibsons in the past, but this J-35 we believe is truly among the rarest Gibson we’ve ever offered for sale.
It has had a neck reset and plays fantastically. The guitar has received some restoration and a new finish (true to the original) which is thin and resonant. All work has been very professionally done and the finish shows beautiful spiderweb crazing.

Truly a remarkable instrument that is worthy of any collection. It has a fine Adirondack red spruce top and is a drop dead gorgeous guitar.
If you want a vintage flat top that none of your friends have- this is the one to buy! The tone is gigantic and very musical. If you have an idea of what the perfect Gibson flat top would sound like- this one probably matches up. Balanced, loud, with a ton of sustain.

It comes with a newer case.


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