Gibson Country Western 1961

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Gibson Country Western 1961 – a cool Roundshoulder Vintage Dreadnought exactly as the one David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) plays!

In the year 1955 this successful model series was built for the first time. At that time still in the popular Roundshoulder form, which was then changed in the 60’s. That’s why the Country Western models from the 50’s/early 60’s (like this one from 1961) are so popular and sought after.

Basically it is like the Gibson Hummingbird or Southern Jumbo – a guitar with spruce top, mahogany body and the corresponding Deluxe appointments. The ultimate guitar for cowboys, flatpickers and bluegrass players and those who want to become one.

This Gibson Country Western 1961 is a real gem with character in appearance and especially in sound. Here you get the ultimate vintage sound.
We personally like the sound of this Gibson because it has a very strong vintage touch. It plays perfectly and is perfectly set up. Flat action, straight neck and well preserved frets.

As you can see on the pictures there are some repaired cracks. The bridge plate is a newer one too.

The guitar comes with the original case!

Gibson – general information:

The Gibson Guitar Corporation (Gibson for short) was founded in 1902 and is now based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. It is one of the oldest and best-known US manufacturers of stringed instruments – banjos, mandolins, guitars, electric guitars and basses – as well as guitar amplifiers.
Many of the world’s most famous musicians play and played Gibson instruments.


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