Gibson B-25 1966

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This Gibson B-25 from 1966 is the real deal – rocked hard, with a sound to die for! It is a harmonically rich acoustic guitar, with a ton of vibe and a great “opened-up” tone as well as excellent playability – exactly how we want them.

This nice guitar solid spruce and mahogany construction, with a nicely aged warm sunburst finish, a mahogany neck topped with a rosewood fingerboard, a rosewood bridge. It has the original vintage tuners.

The guitar’s in good condition, just the right amount of playwear so you know it has been played enough for the tone to mature over the last almost 60 years, but clean enough to tell you it’s been well looked after. There are some cracks repaired on it, but everything is 100% stable. It has some ersonal markings from a revious owner too.

This guitar is an articulate, mature mahogany guitar, with a rich and deep sound … a very powerful instrument. The whole construction and the matured woods create this nice vintage tone and feel.

It comes with a newer case.