Faustino Conde 1975


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A Faustino Conde Flamenca Blanca from the 70’s – the best of what you can get from Conde Hermanos!

Conde Hermanos are not simply guitar builders like others, no, they have probably written flamenco history like no one else. The three brothers Faustino, Julio and Mariano started to build guitars for Domingo Esteso. He was the great master, head and trainer in their early years.
After the death of Esteso the three brothers started little by little to built instruments in their own style. First with the label Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso, but in the beginning of the 60s, it was not easy to make a living by selling flamenco guitars.
When the young Paco de Lucia finally became aware of Conde at the end of the 60s beginning of the 70s – he had previously played Ramirez – they had created their own type of guitar, with incredibly strong basses and singing trebles – simply brilliant flamenco guitars.
Paco was seen from then on almost exclusively with Conde, which naturally found its imitators due to the popularity of Paco. In the old TV recordings of the 70s there is almost no young guitarist who didn’t play Conde.

Faustino Conde, who is considered to be in charge of the construction of the old Condes, has written flamenco history.
This legend of the Condes has remained to this day.

This guitar was made with the best materials, the finest craftsmanship (by the master Faustino Conde himself) and the most beautiful features – it is a guitar that corresponds to the guitars Paco de Lucia played.

The top is made of fine german spruce. Back and sides are made of best cypress wood.
The guitar offers an absolutely furious sound. Just as you know it from the recordings of the masters. It leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Absolutely powerful and dynamic, with deep basses – it is a pleasure for the player and listener at the same time.

This Faustino Conde is well adjusted and it gives the feeling that the guitar plays by itself. Perfect action, straight neck. The scale is 664 mm and the nut width is 52 mm.
The condition is good – it has some professional repairs and a refret. The luthier who made all this, transformed the bridge to an double hole system, which gives the strings extra punch.

It comes with a very nice hard case.