Eugene J. Albert ~1900


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Parlour guitar from Eugene J. Albert built around 1900 – very nice sounding guitar!

John Albert the father of Eugene J. Albert was an instrument maker in Belgium. He moved with his familly to the United States and settled in Philadelphia around 1850. There he opened a workshop and taught his children.
They are mostly known as a violin maker and have a good reputation. Their violins nowadays sell for $5000 and more.

They also made some really nice guitars. Entirely handmade and extremely fine crafted, as one would expect from a violin maker.

This lovely guitar has a very cool vintage blues sound and it is a lot fun to play. We had a lot of these old small bodied guitars from Martin and can say, that this one is very special in all aspects.

The action is low and the neck straight. The guitar had a neck reset.

It has been restored and some cracks have been professionally repaired.