Epiphone FT-45 1967

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Epiphone FT-45 1967 – this guitar is absolutely a cannon! Not only because the Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix and Kurt Cobain played Epiphone guitars … it sounds sooooo stunningly beautiful, looks absolutely cool and plays like butter.

This guitar sounds better than many of the Gibsons of the 60s we had. Epiphone was purchased by Gibson in 1957. Gibson moved the company from New York to Kalamazoo and for many years Epiphone produced basically the same guitars as Gibson, only under a different name and with a slightly different look.

Musicians like Paul McCartney of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Peter Frampton to name but a few, made these guitars world famous.
It is in nice vintage condition, with just a repaired pickguard crack. The finish shows some flaking

It has a beautiful open vintage sound. It unfolds great charm when strummed – fine basses combined with a soft vintage nuance in the overall sound. The sound has a woody touch and spreads an almost mystical atmosphere.
At the same time the guitar is very balanced and offers the most beautiful timbres.

It is very easy to play and has a straight neck with a low action and well preserved frets.

It comes with a newer case.