Ditson 11 style (Martin built) first Dreadnought ever


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Ultra rare Ditson guitar from around 1916 – built by Martin. It is a 11 style model and of the first Dreadnought guitars ever.

Martin began making guitars for Ditson in 1915. The Ditson company is famous for introducing the dreadnought style guitar, which later became Martins most famous body style.
In 1916 the production of the 11 style models started – 71 Martin produced in total for Ditson.

This guitar is really an amazing and rare piece of history. In this early age the foundation for the Dreadnought style body was created. It was a big step in acoustic guitar history and this cool guitar is a living example of this time. A full article from George Gruhn about the Ditson 11 style will be sent along with the guitar.

The top of this guitar is adirondack spruce and the back and sides are of mahogani. The neck is of mahogani with a nice shape. The fingerboard is of ebony as well as the bridge.

This guitar is a joy to play … it has authentic Mojo … you can feel it.
It fingerpicks extremely well and sounds great flatpicked too. It has this cool vintage sound you are looking for.

It has been nicely restored (cracks repaired, refinished) to keep it as original as possible. It comes with a newer case.


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