Anton Fischer ~1850

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Anton Fischer ~1850 – very well made romantic guitar built in the Viennese guitar making tradition and similar to a Stauffer guitar. Fischer was one of the important guitar makers of the Viennese School and studied with Johann Georg Stauffer.

Anton Fischer was born in Vienna in 1794. He apprenticed with various Viennese masters and also worked for a time with Johann Georg Stauffer. From 1835 he had his workshop in the Musikverein building. Anton Fischer’s work is very precise and his materials were always of high quality. He also owned an extensive collection of old master instruments. He trained his son Gottfried Fischer, among others, who took over the workshop in 1876.

This guitar is an outstanding contemporary witness of the golden age of Viennese guitar making. Finely built using the highest quality materials, this guitar is an absolute highlight in terms of sound.
The neck is beautifully built in the Viennese style with a height-adjustable fingerboard. The top is made of fine alpine spruce. Back and sides are made of flamed maple. The back is a true work of art, as it was made from one piece and is almost violin-shaped.
The nut width is 45 mm and the scale length 630 mm. The body is very large for a romantic guitar. The guitar is 320 mm wide at the lower bout. At the upper bout it is 250 mm. The depth of the sides of up to 85 mm is also quite impressive.

The guitar sounds noble and immediately impresses with a very complex tone. The basses are deep and the trebles are soft, lively and colourful with great expressiveness.
As soon as you play the guitar, you have the impression of melting into the instrument, because the sound is very touching, this guitar awakens deep emotions and you can literally feel the notes just jumping out of the instrument.
In any case, a romantic guitar on a very high level, with which one can authentically revive the music of that time.

The guitar has been professionally restored – some cracks on the body have been expertly repaired. The playability is, due to the adjustable neck, exceptionally good … the guitar has a low action.

A truly impressive masterpiece and a rare contemporary witness from the golden age of Viennese guitar making.


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