If you are looking for a special and extraordinary guitar, then this Andres Martin would be our recommendation for you.
This is a very rare model with African Mahogany back and sides. A classical guitar, handmade in Madrid (Spain) by the renowned classical master builder Andres Martin.
This guitar is an ultimate sound experience and presents the sounds in a way that is not common to the usual classical guitars. Let me explain this briefly:
This guitar is feather-light and the woods have been wonderfully dried. The wood vibrates great, as I have rarely seen on a guitar. In addition to this it has the special woods, which gives the sound a mystical and enchanting touch.
This guitar is a real dream instrument, for the quiet hours at home. It takes the player and listener into distant worlds and is absolutely inspiring.
This guitar has simply a wonderful selection of timbres.
It has the typical Andres Martin headstock. The rosette is a beautiful inlay work of red, black, blue and white woods in a geometric design. The label is signed. 
All materials used in the construction of this instrument are of the highest quality.
It is in a good condition for the age and has some light wear from play and use. It is perfectly adjusted with a low action. The guitar has been refretted and the shelllac frefreshed.
The scale length is 660 mm and the nut width 52 mm.
Normal prices for such a guitar are around $ 5000, as you can see in this offer: