Miguel Rodriguez 1992 „Church Door“


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Miguel Rodriguez 1992 – rare classical guitar in the style of the legendary „Church Door“ instruments!

Miguel Rodriguez classical and flamenco guitars are the preferred choice of many leading concert guitarists. When people speak of Miguel Rodriguez, they are referring to a family of four guitar makers spanning three generations.

This is a first-class instrument from one of the most renowned workshops of the 20th century. It has tremendous power, excellent sustain and a very fast attack (like a flamenco guitar). It is very easy to play, not only because of the slim and comfortable neck shape, but also thanks to the 650 mm scale length, which is rare for Rodriguez. Furthermore, this is an extraordinary special model, which is characterised not only by the finest materials, but also by additional fine inlays.
The guitar was built entirely in the style of the legendary „Church Door“ by Miguel Rodriguez Senior.

Apart from slight signs of playing, the guitar is in fantastic condition. It also has a small repair in the lower area of the top, which was done very professionally.

These instruments are played by many concert players around the world, especially the Romero family who have been playing Miguel Rodriguez guitars since the early 1960s.
They are highly sought after for their quality of workmanship and excellent tonal characteristics. They also impress with excellent playability and an unsurpassed aesthetic beauty.

Collectors and players alike will find this instrument extremely exciting.


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