Gibson L-0 ~1942

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Gibson L-0 ~1942 – small-bodied blues guitar with gorgeous sound!

This is your opportunity to get one of the legendary Gibson Pre-War guitars at an affordable price and so own a piece of music history!
The sound of this Gibson is truly breathtaking. It has the ultimate vintage blues sound.

The guitar is made entirely of mahogany, which is rare for this period of Gibson guitars.

I repeat, this L-0 sounds really, really, really good. It has a mature and perfectly balanced sound, with present mids, crystal clear highs and nice basses (amazing what comes out of this small body).
The small body also gives the sound a great projection – the sound comes directly and without detours.

The guitar is definitely a vintage guitar in players grade condition. Besides some repairs, the headstock has also been painted black. It was probably decades ago when this was done, and certainly the previous owner at the time was trying to make this guitar equal to the high-end Gibson models, which all have this type of headstock finish.
The guitar plays very well with a low action (had a neck reset) and newer frets. The guitar has no serial number, which is typical for this period. We were able to date it to around 1942 with the help of the previous owner and based on the construction.

It comes with a nice vintage case.


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