Dieter Hopf “Virtuoso” 1991

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Dieter Hopf “Virtuoso” – very nice sounding guitar – this master grade guitar costs 10500 € (round $11300) new.

Since 1669 Hopf has a name in instrument making. Since then, the chronology can be fully documented to this day. The now 340-year-old family tradition and the more than 40-year experience alone by Dieter Hopf gives an idea of ​​what knowledge is represented in the Hopf guitars.
Dieter Hopf was born in Zwota / Vogtland in 1936, completed a 2-year training as a violin maker in Mittenwald and finally specialized in guitar making. Since 1968 he works as a master builder in Taunusstein.

Hopf stroves effortfully for the advancement of the classical guitar and acquired 2 patents: The free swinging soundboard system and the Rosettensteg.
ound and playability are excellent. The guitar has the typical Hopf sound – powerful, mystical and room-filling. Built in the Ramirez 1a style, this guitar has qualities that surpasses a Ramirez.
First of all the guitar is enormously powerful and impresses with a long lasting sustain. The sound quality can be described as mystical with an almost magical attraction. The guitar fills the entire room with the most beautiful tones and impresses with a breathtaking variety of timbres. An absolutely noble instrument on concert level – very finely built for highest tonal demands.

The condition of the guitar is very good. It is perfectly adjusted and plays great.

The guitar comes with the original case!