Yu LongGuo 2017 Double Top Chamber Concert

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The Doubletop Chamber Concert model by guitar builder Yulong Guo is a professional concert guitar of the highest standard. The craftsmanship of this Chinese builder is easy to recognize in the woodworking and painting and is also reflected in the wonderful acoustic characteristics of this beautiful guitar.

This guitar has a spruce double-top and fan bracing. It has an additional sound hole on the side near the heal of the neck. The vaulted “violin back” and the sides are made of East Indian rosewood and give the guitar an amazing volume and projection. An armrest made of rosewood, very flat frets and a low action make this guitar exceptionally easy and comfortable to play.
The basses are powerful without imposing too much and the treble sounds very lovely and brilliant.

It has a 650 mm scale length and a 52 mm nut width. It is perfectly adjusted and in a good (some wear from play and use) condition.
The guitar will be delivered with a new guitar case.


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