Weissgerber style guitar


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Unique master guitar from Markneukirchen, in the style of a Richard Jacob Weißgerber guitar.

This very finely crafted guitar was built with very high quality materials and with extremely beautiful decorations. Unfortunately, we cannot find a reference to the builder.
However, there is much to suggest that this guitar was built in the Markneukirchen area around 1960. Certainly strongly inspired by Weißgerber’s guitars – one can see clear similarities.

The guitar has a scale length of 620 mm and a nut width of 50 mm.
The top is made of cedar, back and sides of finely flamed maple.

The sound of this guitar is, in a positive sense, complex, with a harmonically rich texture that gives the instrument a very intriguing, mysterious quality.
The guitar has a wide dynamic range. Each note is very intense, with the overtones tightly packed into the firm and well-defined fundamental.
This guitar is truly a powerful and versatile instrument with a rich, robust and very stylish sound. Overall, a concert and recording instrument of the highest standard for the discerning performer.